Electrochemistry Focus Group

Electrochemistry deals with the complex interplay of electrical and chemical phenomena and as such is highly relevant for all branches of natural sciences. It lies at the bottom of novel sustainable energy conversion and storage devices, constitutes the crucial link between biology and physics describing neuron or bio-membrane activity and provides powerful analysis and synthesis tools in materials science. In all these phenomena the common baseline is the interrelation between chemical energy or information and the generation, separation and transport of charges.

The Electrochemistry Focus Groups provides a unifying platform for scientists working on and/or interested in electrochemical phenomena, including both experimental and computational groups. Our aim is to boost the local electrochemical activities trough a constant scientific exchange, exploration of common research interests and project collaborations. This will enhance the scientific progress, foster student training and contribute to the visibility of electrochemistry-related research in and around Mainz.

Job opening

Metal-organic framework growth: Mechanistic insight for tailored device design