Welcome to the Max Planck Graduate Center Mainz

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PhD and research in an interdisciplinary environment

You aim at doing a PhD thesis in a highly interdisciplinary research environment in science? You would like to study in Germany but your field of interest does not really fit with the traditional categorisation into subjects like biology, chemistry, physics or medicine?

The MPGC is a virtual department across two Max Planck Institutes and four faculties of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, created for interdisciplinary projects. We offer an advanced PhD program in these research topics to excellent candidates from all over the world. The Graduate Center has its own doctoral degree regulations, promoting interdisciplinary research, and awards the young scientists after a successful defense with the degree "Doktor rerum naturalium" (Dr. rer. nat.) of the University of Mainz complemented by the logo of the Max Planck Society.

The participating departments are:

  • Medicine (FB 04)
  • Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science (FB 08)
  • Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Geosciences (FB 09)
  • Biology (FB 10)

The participating Max Planck Institutes are:

  • MPI for Chemistry (MPI-C)
  • MPI for Polymer Research (MPI-P)