MPGC MAINZmentoring

Mentoring is a facilitated professional relationship between different generations and levels of hierarchy. It provides a learning process that is individualized, constructive, feedback-based, systematic, and grounded in the practical application of skills. During the mentoring relationship, mentors invest time and attention in and encourage the professional orientation of mentees by sharing personal experiences, their networks, and individual feedback - for example, on job applications. In addition, mentees benefit from participating in structured meetings with each other in terms of their personal development and professional life management.

The modular program starts for the mentee with a professionally guided reflection of the individual competence profile, personal interests and values as well as an aspired possible field of work. This analysis consists of an online-based profiling (KODE®) followed by a feedback session with a licensed trainer. 

Based on this analysis, the actual one-year mentoring process begins. In this process, mentee groups with a maximum of eight participants first work out preferences and formulate expectations as goals in two workshops. In addition, the mentees are prepared and supported for the various phases of mentoring - contact search, approach and the role of a mentee. In the further course, four structured meetings of the mentees with the trainer take place parallel to the mentor meetings, in which experiences can be exchanged and further strategies can be discussed.

New mentee groups start twice a year (January/July). 


In addition, the MPGC offers four to six Excellence@WORK Lunch Talks per year for all students in cooperation with the JGU. More information can be found here. (Link:

Furthermore, to bring generations of MPGC in contact with each other and to promote professional networking, an Alumni Meeting including current PhD students is held annually at the end of October. This is organized digitally or in presence and offers an alumni booklet, too.

For more information, opportunities to participate in the mentoring program, Excellence@WORK lectures, and alumni meeting, please contact Katrin Klauer at 

The MPGC MAINZmentoring is a cooperation between the JGU Human Resources Development and MPGC.

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