MPGC MAINZmentoring

Mentoring is a promoted professional relationship between different generations and hierarchical levels. It offers a learning process that is individualized, improvement-oriented, feedback-supported, systematic and based on the practical application of skills. The MPGC MAINZmentoring Program is embedded in the training program of the Max Planck Graduate Center (MPGC) and boosts the career management of PhD students for the time after completing their doctoral thesis.

The program starts with an analysis of the individual competence profile, personal interests and values as well as of the required work environment. Based on this analysis the MPGC supports each student to find and contact a matching mentor for a one-year relationship. During the mentoring relationship, the mentor invests time and attention for the professional orientation of the mentee and promotes the student by sharing his or her personal experience, network and giving feedback. Additionally, mentees benefit from participating in “success teams” regarding their personal development and professional vita shaping.

The framework of the MPGC MAINZmentoring Program includes:

• a competence profiling based on CompetenceDiagnostic method KODE®
• four supported meetings during the period of the mentoring relationship; these meetings are based
on the method of success teams to reach individual goals empowered by a team
• four meetings with the mentor during the one-year mentoring relationship (travel support is provided)
• documents and guidelines for mentor and mentee to clarify their roles and obtain an agreement for a
successful mentoring relationship

New mentee groups start twice a year (January/July).

For more information and how to apply please contact Katrin Klauer.

The MPGC MAINZmentoring is a cooperation between the JGU Human Resources Development and MPGC.

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