Contributions to symposia and conferences by MPGC Ph.D. students (oral and poster presentations)

Poster award to Tanja Kling

1 March 2016

Tanja Kling won the Audience Poster Prize at the CECAM Workshop 'Liquid/Solid interfaces: Structure and dynamics from spectroscopy and simulations - 3rd edition', which was held at CECAM-HQ-EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland from 25 to 27 January January 2016.

Tanja Kling joined the MPGC in July 2013. In her PhD thesis project she adresses the microscopic observations that were already realized by Faraday in 1850: the surface of it is covered by a thin layer of liquid water even at temperatures far below melting. In spite of the importance of ice surfaces in terrestrial and atmospheric physical and chemical processes, the microscopic structure and dynamics of the liquid surface layer is still largely unknown, to the extent that it is conventionally called quasi-liquid layer, to distinguish it from standard liquid water. In the project classical and ab initio molecular dynamics simulations are applied to characterize the structure and dynamics of the quasi liquid layer at both prism and basal surfaces of hexagonal ice in the temperature range that extends from 230 K to the melting temperature.

One student from the group of Prof. Bonn at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research was involved in this project, who was supported by the MPGC.

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