Contributions to symposia and conferences by MPGC Ph.D. students (oral and poster presentations)

Poster Award to Aleeza Farrukh

28 July 2015

Aleeza Farrukh, a PhD student at MPGC, won the Poster Award at the 2015 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, and was invited to give an oral presentation at this prestigeous conference. Mrs Farrukh works on biomaterials that support differentiation of neuronal stem cells (NSCs) and control formation of neuronal networks. At the GRC she presented a new strategy to direct axon growth of NSCs on demand using phototriggerable biomaterials. Dr. Marcelo Salierno and Dr. Julieta Paez from MPIP and Dr. Felipe Ortega from the University Medical Center (UMC) in Mainz were also involved in the project.

Aleeza Farrukh joined the Max Planck Graduate Center in 2014 as PhD student, after graduating in Chemistry at University of the Punjab and at LUMS School of Science and Engineering in Lahore, Pakistan. She works in the group "Dynamic Biointerfaces" headed by Dr. Aránzazu del Campo at MPIP, and collaborates with the department "Adult Neurogenesis & Cellular Reprogramming" headed by Prof. Benedikt Berninger at UMC in Mainz.

The Gordon Research Conferences provide an international forum for the presentation and discussion of selected cutting-edge topics in frontier research in the biological, chemical, and physical sciences, and their related technologies. They belong to the most prestigeous conferences in science at international level. Dr. Aránzazu del Campo was invited speaker at the 2015 GRC on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.

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