Summer 2012

Regular MPGC lectures in the summer term 2012 will take place on Wednesdays from 16:30 to 18:00 in the lecture room C05 in the chemistry lecture hall building close to the backside of the Mensa. Special lectures with invited guest speakers may deviate from this. We will inform in time. Some lectures may also take place at another location, which will be announced in advan

Wed, 18.04.2012
16:30 C05                  

Dr. Luc Vereecken "Theoretical chemical kinetics in atmospheric and combustion chemistry"

Wed, 02.05.2012
16:30 C05

PhD seminar (Daniel Schärf, Jens Kahlen)

Wed, 09.05.2012
16:30 C05

PhD seminar (Thomas Behrendt, Fabian Etzold)

Wed, 23.05.2012
16:30 C05

Prof. Dirk Schneider "Shaping up membrane proteins"

Wed, 30.05.2012
16:30 C05

Dr. Franca Tiarks, Dr. Fechtenkötter and Dr. Rieger (BASF): Career, jobs and projects in the BASF 

Wed, 13.06.2012
16:30 C05

Prof. Laura Schreiber

Wed, 20.06.2012
16:30 C05

Tobias Wassermann (Springer-Verlag) 

Wed, 27.06.2012
16:30 C05

PhD seminar (Berit Kühle, Raoul Hennig)

Wed, 04.07.2012
16:30 C05

Prof. Mischa Bonn

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