Summer 2011

Regular MPGC lectures in the summer term 2011 will take place on Wednesdays from 16:30 to 18:00 in the lecture hall of Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (MPIC building O; separate entrance with sign "Hörsaal"; map in the upper right corner). Special lectures with invited guest speakers may deviate from this. We will inform in time. Some lectures may also take place at another location, which will be announced in advance.

Wed, 20.04.2011
16:30 MPIC lecture hall
(separate entrance with sign "Hörsaal" at building O,
Becherweg 27)

Introduction to the summer semester, presentation of the new student representatives (Philipp Arnold, Carsten Dingels, Anke Nölscher)
Introductiory lecture of the new junior faculty member Dr. Giovanni Settanni:
"Protein folding and dynamics: a theoretical point of view"

Wed, 04.05.2011
16:30 MPIC lecture hall

PhD Seminar:
Di Chang (MPIC) speaks about the effect of biomass burning and megacity aerosol on clouds an precipitation.
Qichao Yang (MPIC) speaks about isotopic analysis of speleothems and ostracods in paleoclimate reconstruction

Wed, 11.05.2011
16:30 Staudinger lecture hall MPIP

Robert A. Harley; Univ. of California (Berkeley):
"Sustainable Fuels for Transportation: Is Ethanol the Answer?"

Wed, 01.06.2011
MPIC lecture hall

PhD seminar
Carsten Dietz: The light harvesting complex II (LHCII) as a model for membrane proteins 

Wed, 15.06.2011
MPIC lecture hall

Prof. Laura Schreiber: "Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Physics meets Medicine"
Jennifer Kroth: "Reduced Surface Interactions of Human Fibroblasts on Modified Implant Surfaces"

Meeting point announced
by E-mail

Labtour Biology

MPIC lecture hall

PhD seminar
Karmena Jaskiewicz: Endocytic internalization of nanoparticles into polymeric vesicles as a model system of transmembrane transport processes
Steffen Dörner [title to be announced]

Staudinger lecture hall

Werner Kühlbrandt, MPI for Biophysics: "Membrane protein structure and function studied by electron cryo-microscopy"

Winter 2020/2021

Regular MPGC students' seminars in the winter term 2020/2021 will take place Wednesday at 4pm at MPIP in 1.003 as hybrid seminar


Nathan East
Kerstin Schwickert (Viet)


Xiaoyu Jia
Jonas Nothhelfer


Chuchu Chen
Tobias Bauer


Christine Seidl (online)
Jennifer Klose


Johannes Strunk
Julia Homann


Olga Lozhkina
Deepika Srivasta

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