Numerical modelling of vegetation and its impact on atmospheric composition

  • Date: Dec 7, 2022
  • Speaker: Anna Martin
In addition to human impacts on global climate due to greenhouse gas emissions, natural emission sources from vegetation and combustion influence atmospheric composition and processes. This project aims to better understand the relationship between natural emissions and plant stress factors such as temperature, light and water availability, or ambient concentrations of irritant gases. In Addition, resulting feedback mechanisms of biogenic carbon and VOC emissions will be analyzed using the refined EMAC (ECHAM5/MESSy Atmospheric Chemisty Model). For this purpose, EMAC is extended by the implementation of the land surface model JSBACH (Jena Scheme for Biosphere-Atmosphere Coupling in Hamburg) to a comprehensive Earth system model. This extension enables EMAC to simulate not only atmospheric transport processes and chemistry, but also soil and vegetation processes.
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