Synthetic Structure Formation in Living Cells via Stimulus-Responsive Peptide Assembly

  • Date: Feb 8, 2023
  • Speaker: Sarah Chagri
Supramolecular assemblies in nature are the embodiment of creating function through structure formation. In recent years, these complex natural architectures have inspired the development of materials for the in-situ formation of synthetic nanostructures inside living cells. Synthetic intracellular assemblies can be used to modulate cellular processes, however, their effects on metabolism and three-dimensional cell networks have not been widely explored. Herein, we present bioresponsive kinked peptides that can undergo a multistep transformation into self-assembling linear peptides in living cells. The intracellular peptide assembly causes metabolic disruption and rapid cell death. This work showcases the potential use of bioresponsive nanomaterials as supramolecular anticancer drugs via the construction of synthetic architectures inside living cells.
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