Students' seminar

The MPGC students`seminar is mandatory for MPGC students.

During the seminar students present in a common way the latest results of their interdisciplinary research and talk to each other. These presentations offer excellent opportunities for feedback on scientific results and presentation techniques and for informal discussions and networking.

Summer 2021

Regular MPGC students' seminars in the summer term 2021 will take place Wednesday at 4pm as online seminar

Speaker: Christoph Hahn

Christoph Hahn: Anionic polymerization of (functional) dienes based on terpen(oid)es

The development of new synthetic strategies towards bio-based materials is a current objective in academic and industrial research, motivated by increasing environmental awareness. We explored the utilization of terpenes as a naturally occurring feedstock in anionic polymerization of polymers. The nearly unlimited structural diversity of terpenes, ranging from acyclic and cyclic structures, to functional derivatives (terpenoids), gives access to tailor-made bio-based materials.
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