Students' seminar

The MPGC students`seminar is mandatory for MPGC students.

During the seminar students present in a common way the latest results of their interdisciplinary research and talk to each other. These presentations offer excellent opportunities for feedback on scientific results and presentation techniques and for informal discussions and networking.

Summer 2021

Regular MPGC students' seminars in the summer term 2021 will take place Wednesday at 4pm as online seminar

Speaker: Maren Schweitzer

Maren Schweitzer: Supramolecular Self-Assembly and Hydrogelation of Multidomain Polymer-Peptide Conjugates

In this work we report the synthesis of telechelic poly(ethylene glycol)-peptide conjugates and their ability to form supramolecular hydrogels. The terminal peptide blocks contain the hydrophobic pentapeptide sequence FHFHF to promote pH-switchable β-sheet formation and self-assembly into nanorods as well as interstrand cross-linking for hydrogelation. By varying the peptide sequence, responsiveness to multiple external stimuli like temperature and ion concentration at physiologically relevant conditions can be observed.
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