Winter 2014/2015

Regular MPGC lectures in the winter term 2014/2015 will take place in a seminar room of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, unless noted otherwise.

Wed, 29.10.2014
16:00h MPIC  


Welcome seminar (Beate Schiewe)
Election new student speakers

Wed, 05.11.2014
16:00h MPIC

Tool seminar Tanja Kling

Wed, 26.11.2014
16:00h MPIC
Eugen Schechtel
Christian Wieseotte

Wed, 10.12.2014
16:00h MPIC

Kathrin Kettenbach
Martin Brüggemann

Wed, 07.01.2015
16:00h MPIC

Daniel Phillip
David Paßlick

Wed, 21.01.2015
16:00h MPIC

Jennifer Heidrich
Matthias Domogalla

Wed, 04.02.2015
16:00h MPIC

Einar Karu
Thomas Berkemeier

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