Microvascular Integration of Biomaterials

The focus group “Vascular/Microvascular Integration of Biomaterials” combines two major fields of the MPGC: Materials Chemistry and Medicine. Basic requirements for a successful integration of implant materials are an adequate and sufficient vascularization and the prevention of scare tissue, i.e. fibrosis. In order to reach these goals, an optimum connection and biological interaction at the material-tissue interface has to be achieved. In pre-clinical analyses of the involved working groups, the interactions at the wound bed and specific surface modifications of various biomaterials are investigated. Researchers from the MPIP, JGU and the University Medical Center design novel biomimetic and biodegradable inorganic and polymeric materials which will be investigated in the University Medical Center for their application in microvascular integration on primary human cell preparations and also in animals. The aim is the specific triggering of the cellular homeostasis at the implant-tissue-interface after implantation.

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