Winter 2013/2014

Regular MPGC lectures in the winter term 2013/2014 will take place in the lecture room C05 in the chemistry lecture hall building close to the backside of the Mensa. Some lectures may also take place at another location, which will be announced in advance.

Wed, 30.10.2013
17:00 C05                  

PhD seminar by Marian Meckel (JGU Chemistry) and Olive Neudert (MPIP)

Tue, 19.11.2013
10:00 MPIP 1.001

Dr. Katrin F. Domke (MPIP)

Wed, 27.11.2013
17:00 C05

PhD seminar by Beke Kremmling (MPIC) and Hannah Köhring (JGU Chemistry)

Wed, 4.12.2013
17:00 C05

Visit of Böhringer Ingelheim

Wed, 18.12.2013
17:00 C05

PhD seminar by Lars Schmüser (MPIP), and visit of the Christmas Market


Students from the US
(to be announced)

Wed, 15.01.2014
17:00 C05

PhD seminar by Kexue Li (MPIC) and Ragnar Lehman (JGU Geoscience)

Tue, 28.01.2014
10:00 C05

Dr. Lars Müller (Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden)

16:30 Staudinger
lecture hall (MPIP)

Prof. Daniel Taton (University of Bordeaux, LCPO)
Organocatalyzed polymerization using N-heterocylic carbenes: challenges and opportunities

Thu, 27.03.2014

MPGC Scientific retreat
Talks, posters and discussions
MPIP, 15.00-19.00

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